Transnational Project Meeting in Lanciano, Italy

Our second face-to-face Transnational Project Meeting for the Smart Working project took place between the 1st and 2nd of December 2021, with the host organization being Logosabile Onlus.

The meeting reunited partners from 4 different countries: five partners from Italy, two from Romania, three from the United Kingdom, and three from Austria and we were able to discuss and plan our future activities and future meetings.

Topics Discussed:


In this management session the partnership reviewed together the activities of the project, established priorities and documents to be produced for the fulfilment of the project’s objectives.
Physical meetings
The partners reviewed the meetings status. In order to make the meeting in UK happen, the partnership provisionally agreed to meet before in the UK (due to COVID restrictions) in July. The set dates are the 12 and 13 July 2022. The meeting’s location will be in Wolverhampton.
In September 2022 we will meet in Romania, if the meeting in UK does not happen all the resting mobilities will be moved to Romania for everybody. Provisional dates 22 and 23 September 2022. The location of the meeting is Baia Mare. The dates chosen will be confirmed in the next meetings. Meeting in April is cancelled.

Online meetings

In order to keep track of the project’s activities the partnership agreed and confirmed 2 online meetings:
February – 07/02/2022 at 10 AM CET time. Duration is 1h and 30 min.
May – 23/05/2022 10 at AM CET time. Duration is 1h and 30 min.


The partnership agreed that the website should be updated with a section dedicated to the Erasmus Club workshops. Rogepa will upload on the website the flyer and will create a section for each workshop with photos and link to the full recording of the workshops. Logosabile will provide Rogepa with the link to the recordings. Rogepa will upload the website also with information regarding the TPM in Lanciano.

Erasmus Club

CPA and Logosabile that managed the first 2 online workshops (28th October 2021 and 25th November 2021) provided to the partners the data regarding the meeting, informing them of how many participants took part in the first 2 sessions and what was the feedback given. The feedback given by the participants to the workshop is positive, with great accent to the interactive component of the workshops.
From this feedback the partners agreed to keep the same format as the first 2 workshops: introduction, use of Mentimeter, short PowerPoint presentations to be presented by expert, moments of open discussion with participants and final survey.
CPA confirmed the availability of their software, Clickmeeting, that worked well for the first 2 meetings. The partners will contact CPA’s staff to agree for a short trial meeting to test together the platform and will provide CPA with the content to upload to the platform. CPA can also provide guidance with the use of Mentimeter.
All partners confirmed to be able to carry out the training with the topics established in the project’s bid. All partners will upload to their own website and social media pages the flyer of the meeting and will upload reminders.
UK and Austria will intensify the recruiting efforts in order to recruit more participants for the next workshops.

Next workshops:

27/01/2022 – 5 PM CET : Webinars and E-meetings (Rogepa )
24/02/2022 – 5 PM CET: Video conferencing and Events (Vondi)
24/03/2022 – 5 PM CET: Autonomous Virtual Learning , Distance Learning and Flipped teaching (Gecko)
28/04/2022 -5 PM CET: The ethics of Smart Working and how to manage a team at distance (Logosabile)


Logosabile will send a template for the identification of learning outcomes. The e-book will contain the material created for the meetings and workshops. It will contain the videos of the Erasmus Club and the activities proposed. The e-book has to be ready before the meeting in Romania, in Septemeber 2022.


The lead stressed the importance of dissemination for all project partners. All partners have to keep disseminating as much as possible, recording all the data for the dissemination (Stakeholder list template available for all partners in Google Drive). Everybody has a printed copy of the Dissemination plan. For social media posts we take into consideration views more than likes to a post. All partners were reminded of the social media calendar, which has been uploaded also on Trello to have all the information available at all times.


All partners have to think how the activities, material, good practices and lessons learnt can be incorporated in their own organisation to make sure the project’s activities and results stay in the long term (this is part of the sustainability plan). All partners should start actively thinking about the sustainability in their own organisations.

Monitoring reports

Logosabile will send by email the monitoring report template. It has to be completed by the 15/12/2021 and sent back to the lead. The lead will complete with the partners input the interim report due for the 29/01/2022 to the Italian NA.

Exchange of Good Practice

The host of the meeting shared with the partners an established good practice in their organisation regarding video curriculum and e-interviews. The expert showed with work-based activity what a video curriculum is and what are the most important elements to take into consideration to create a good video. The elements proposed are important also to prepare in a good way to e-interviews. All partners actively created some video products that were then analysed by the expert that pointed out how the short video could be improved.
The exchange of good practices continued then outdoors in the city centre with a “Selfie Hunt” where participants after listening to the stories of the expert had to recreate a moment or look for an element as a selfie.

The meeting was very successful, and we are all looking forward to the next meetings and training events for the Smart Working project.

Sunday, August 8th, 2021

Time CET



All day

The arrival of all participants

All Partners


Welcome Dinner (Optional)

Restaurant Stiftskeller, Stiftgasse 1-7, 6020 Innsbruck

All Partners

Monday, August 9th, 2021

Cafe Katzung (Seminar-room 1st floor), Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 16, 6020 Innsbruck

Time CET




Welcome and presentation (video) of Innsbruck/Tyrol

Vondi Consulting


Presentation of the meeting agenda

Vondi Consulting


Workshop/TPM (exchange of good practise)

Vondi Consulting


Light Lunch

All Partners


Workshop/TPM (administration, budget)

Vondi Consulting


Trip to the top of Innsbruck (by cable car)

All Partners


Dinner in a typical Tyrolian restaurant (optional)

All Partners

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Time CET




Visit of Swarovski Cristall word

All Partners


Dissemination – Workshop

All Partners


Planning of the next meeting/Training

All Partners


Feedback and Evaluation

All Partners


The departure of all participants

All Partners

Header Image by Julie-Kolibrie from Pixabay

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