The Partners


CPA, which trades as ConnectAbruzzo, develops people for work including them in Europe wide opportunities. They have empowering and professional courses to develop soft skills to develop professionally and improve the participants lives.

CPA’s vision is founded on practical methods and hands on experience, evolved direct from the workplace. They are a link between formal training and industry related needs. They understand what companies need from potential employees and apply it to all elements of the bespoke service. They have been involved in developing new professions like Mediatore Museale and Vloggers (Social Content Manager). They have been involved in empowering project for young people and different KA1 and KA2 projects.


The Association LogosAbile Onlus works with learning disabilities and aims to pursue exclusively objectives of social solidarity directed to bring benefits to disadvantaged people due to physical, mental, economic, social and familiar obstacles.

LogosAbile Onlus carries out related and accessory activities in the form of: – training for entrepreneurship, digital and empowerment, updating and in-depth empowering courses for disabled and disadvantaged people and their families; -dissemination and information on the services and activities of the Association and on issues related to the recovery of people with disabilities with addictions, – promotion of services for disabled people and their families.

They have been involved in different empowering projects for young people like the KA1 Transfer&Empower.


Rogepa is a Romanian-German company focusing on adult education. We provide authorized training in different domains as following: training of trainers, foreign languages, ICT, CNC, curriculum development, entrepreneurship, project management, commerce, e-learning, web design, tourism and food services, hairstylist, construction, wood processing, business management, quality management, key competencies.

Between the years 2016 and 2017 we had 460 trainees.

Together with our collaborators, we have the expertise to organize national and international events, development of curriculas and teaching aids, and manage European projects.

We also help small and medium companies in the development and modernization of training processes.

For a number of years, we have been providing Web Design, Graphic design, and Web Development services through our Graphic Design department.

We maintain good working relationships with other national institutes of education, city halls from our region, local councils, and several professional associations.

Gecko Programmes Ltd

Gecko Programmes Ltd is a Vocational Education and Training organization based in Wolverhampton and with facilities in Birmingham. The West Midlands is the center of operations, but we have activities throughout England. With a history of engaging with the creative and third sectors to establish new projects and provide skills advice, the company was established in 2009. Gecko develops organisations and people in the UK and Europe, operating through the Consulting Business Unit to develop organisations, and the Work and Skills Unit to develop people.

We have a core team of fourteen full-time staff based in our offices in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, a further eight part-time staff who work peripatetically with cultural and community enterprises, and a further twelve associate consultants who deliver leadership and management developments with commercial enterprises.

We add value to both Business Units through our European Team; partnerships to identify curriculum development needs, partnerships to pilot the delivery of innovative training, and inward and outward individual mobilities to enhance the learning experience.


VondiConsulting is an independent and internationally operating consulting company – specialized in project management and event management also on digital platforms. We have more than 15 years of experience in the development of European projects and mega events. A team of specialized consultants and a broad network of professional partners offer their experience on all areas of European project management and event management.

We have participated in numerous projects related to improve education, innovation, and knowledge exchange, and we are now introducing ourselves into helping people in need such as, refugees, migrants and any kind of people in precarious situations, as well as teaching young adults on how to plan financially for the barriers which they may face in life.