Online Progress Meeting, September 13

This was one of our regular updates meetings. First off, we discussed the progress made on the website and set up some future steps in this area.

Our first Erasmus Club meeting has been postponed to the 28th October instead of 28th September to give all the partners more time for recruiting the 5 participants from the third sector.
The meeting will be kept at the same time agreed at the beginning: 5:00 PM CET time (6:00 PM Romanian time; 5:00 PM CET, 4:00 PM UK time). The host of the first meeting remains Italy.
As previously agreed we confirmed that each partner should manage 1 meeting and that each meeting should last 1 hour. It was further agreed that we would hold 1 meeting each month around the 28th of the month. We will have a total of 6 Erasmus Club meetings starting from October 2021.
It has been agreed that the next meeting in November will be managed by Rogepa (Romania) and the next in December (before the Christmas holidays) by Gecko (UK) (to confirm with our partner).

The Next Physical meeting: in order to keep with the meeting schedule, since not all partners will be able to travel to the UK (next destination according to the initial calendar) we agreed to have a physical meeting in Italy, on the 1st and 2nd December. All partners should confirm their availability.

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