A Guide to Smart Working – Our E-book now available

For the first time in modern history, due to the pandemic in 2020 every element of society as a whole needs to face a future which is more dependent on technology, more internet based and more sensitive to social distancing challenges. Our innovative approach recognises that every member of society comprising the disadvantaged and disabled must be included in the Smart Working concept With our project we want to provide VET practitioners with the tools to guide learners in disadvantage in the new digital field to be socially, digitally and economically included.

Our e-book contains:

Training pathways for VET teachers/trainers/mentors

The training pathway provides information and guidelines on digital and practical tools that can be incorporated in Smart Working to improve the remote work/study experience and ensure productivity, learning and inclusion

Best practices on Smart Working

After the pandemic people from all over the world had to learn how to work from distance and improve their practices The second part of the E-Book is dedicated to best practices in the partner countries that can help understand how working at distance can be beneficial for both the workers/ learners and companies/schools

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