Benefits of Smart Working

It increases the worker's freedom and autonomy. Boost in staff retention!

Cost savings: It saves you money on workspaces, transport or supplies (electricity, heating etc.)

Saves more time! With less time spent on the road, this can improve the reconciliation of work-life with personal and family life, which is often highly valued.

Increased productivity and performance: If the work is well structured (usually based on objectives), productivity and overall performance can be increased.

Improved diversity and inclusion: Ability to reach out and hire individuals from different socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds with different perspectives. Diverse workforces have a broader and greater mix of skills, knowledge, and experiences, giving an organization more creativity and flexibility to overcome issues.

Positive Environmental Impact: Whilst working from home, there is no need to commute to work, which in turn helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As remote workers drive less, they reduce their consumption of these fuels contributing to a greener environment.

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